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Emotional Repatterning


Tired of feeling frustrated?

Wondering why you always end up with the same type of boss you don't like? Or boyfriend you’re not compatible with?

Tired of fighting with family?

Tired of feeling unappreciated no matter how hard you try?

Tired of feeling like things are hopeless?

Then Emotional Repatterning is for you.  Change the subconscious, negative thoughts and everything around you changes with it.  It's simple science.

We all want to resonate with happiness, joy, a sense of calm and abundance but our subconscious is more powerful than our conscious thoughts and any negative or non coherent beliefs or thought patterns will keep us going in a direction no matter how hard we try.

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that 95% of our thoughts are negative and redundant!  We daily have negative, energy depleting thoughts and behaviors and we don't even realize it!  This is why we continue to repeat negative actions even though we really don't want to. This is why we go from one depleting job to another or why we always get into negative relationships or even something as simple as why we cannot keep our homes or workplaces organized when we dislike being disorganized.  Change the subconscious, shift the energy and everything changes.


How is it done?

Using the natural biofeedback tool of Applied Kinesiology, this system identifies negative thought patterns, beliefs, behaviors, feelings and attitudes that deplete our energy and creates new neural pathways in the brain to get rid of those negative thoughts and replace them with new positive thoughts. Sessions last usually 45 min to an hour.  Using a series of questions and statements we narrow down the issue or energy needing to be shifted.  Then a Modality is done to shift the energy.  There any number of modalities that are used from sound, color or breath modalities to get the body and brain to shift the subconscious to a positive or coherent state.

I can speak from personal experience that this work is truly life changing!  When you create new neural pathways in the brain you get rid of the negative subconscious thoughts you interact with those around you in a whole different (calmer more coherent) way. It's very subtle but extremely powerful! You will soon notice feeling less frustrated, more understanding, more sure of yourself and best of all those around you notice it too yet it's so subtle you will find yourself having many "Ah ha" moments of change.  Things like realizing you don't get upset over certain situations or when having to interact with certain individuals. Others will notice it too and when it happens, well like I said, it's life changing!