Many of these “matches” are the very same oils as the YL blends I was trying to match.  Keep in mind that the smell may be a tiny bit different as it only takes one drop of one type of oil to change its fragrance.  And more important to remember is that it’s the oils that provide the healing benefit.  Just because the overall fragrance is a bit different does not mean you that you will not get the therapeutic benefit those oils provide.

Rocky Mountain oils The owner is an ex-employee of YL but without the drama of DoTerra. He also keeps his prices a bit lower, is not a MLM, runs great specials, free shipping, ships super quick and offers a batch number on each bottle that you can reference on the website. 

Brainstorm is a match for “Brain Power”

The Secret is a match for “Abundance” in fact I like it better.

Tranquility is a perfect match for "Peace & Calming"

Edens Garden Very nice oils with great prices and free shipping. 

Align is a match for "Valor". Align is a bit thinner due to the fact that YL adds a carrier oil and Edens Garden does not.    

Plant Therapy Another very nice company with very good prices. Backed by Robert Tisserand (a long standing, well respected certified aroma therapist) with some great information and very low shipping cost. 

Germ Fighter is a match for Thieves

Let it Go is comparable to Peace and Calming. 

Piping Rock I will admit I was VERY skeptical of these because the price was so low. But the practitioner who recommended them was adamant that she has used them for years and tested them for toxicity, chemicals and pesticides and found them to be clean and of good quality. And I have to say that I am extremely pleased with all the ones I have purchased so far. 

Mental Clarity is an exact match for YL Clarity and at 8 bucks a bottle that makes me VERY happy.

AKHE Away is an exact match for Pan Away and works great!

Brave Valiant is a good replacement for Valor.  It's the same oils only they use Roman Chamomile instead of Blue Tansy.  I added some Blue TansyI  got from Edens Garden and then it smelled more like Valor.  But the efficiency is the same.

They have two oils to use in place of Thieves. 

4 Thrive this one has the same oils as Thieves except no Cinnamon.  (Which is good for putting on lymph nodes when sick as it won't burn)

Protective oil this one has all the same oils as Thieves only they use orange instead of Lemon.  No big deal in my opinion.

Calming oil.  This isn’t a match for any other oils but it is such an unbelievably yummy Citrus blend I just had to recommend it!  It’s wonderful for wearing and diffusing, it just smells delicious!  Blends well with Sandalwood and Vetiver too!