What makes these so different from other flower essences?

I am so excited to offer these flower essences to my clients!  

Dr. Brent Davis has a patented technology that allows him to create his flower essences from uncut flowers.  It makes so much sense when you think about the usual process in the making of flower essences.  Normally flowers are harvested or cut at which point the energy begins to reduce as the flower begins to die.  By creating these essences from uncut flowers Dr. Davis is able to get the highest frequency possible in his flower essences.  An you know I'm all about frequency.

These have proven to be subtle but super powerful!  In most instances a standard dose of 1 drop per oz of water up to 16 oz per day is taken, unless your system checks for a lower or higher dose.  It's as simple as that, add to water and sip up to 30 times throughout the day, that's it. 

These flower essences are great for helping you change your frequency so that you resonate with what you want and see the results.  Dealing with stress? Feelings of grief?  Confusion and lack of trust?  Unable to free yourself from negative energies of your own or others? Dealing with fear and panic? Can't seem to move forward or make progress in your personal life or business?  Then these flower essences are a real game changer! 

There are several blends and many individual essences ready to take or we can create a custom blend with up to 5 different flower essences specific to what your body / system needs.

Set an appointment to see what these can do for you!