Body Restoration
Body Restoration
Restoring Mind & Body To A Healthy Balance



Tamra Alexander- Cook, Certified Biofeedback Specialist

I came to the Central Coast as a teenager and have seen many changes over the years.  One big change is it's acceptance and growth of Alternative Therapies.

I was raised with home medicine and continued to apply Alternative Therapies with my own children and now grandchildren.  Over the years my family and I have found Biofeedback to be a great benefit to our health and well being.    I began my training in Resonance Repatterning 11 years ago the biofeedback just became a natural extension of that. Being able to combine my training in emotional work with the biofeedback sessions has really proven to be beneficial.

Training in a variety of emotional techniques with varied practitioners has really helped me bring a balanced and effective approach to the emotional work so clients can achieve highly effective results.    I love helping people feel better and being able to empower them with tools to help themselves continue to get better. It brings me great joy to see the transformation in people after just a few sessions!

  • Certified Biofeedback Specialist through BANHS (Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences)

  • Continuing Annual Education for EPR Biofeedback through Seriously Smart Technologies, Adam Mandel with Quantum Academies

  • Certified in Biokinesiology & Nutritional Profiling through Creative health Ventures, Larry Lindsay, ND

  • Training in Resonance Repatterning for:

    • Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning

    • Primary Patterns

    • Transforming Unconscious Patterns

    • Transforming Chakra Patterns

    • Energetics of Relationships

    • Transforming 5 Element and Meridian Patterns

  • Systemic Constellations with Magui Block

  • Family Constellations with Mark Wollyn